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Behind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography

Welcome to the fifth instalment of my Behind the Brand Blog Series.

Today I’m so excited to introduce the queen of photography…Lindy Yewen. Lindy has been falling head over camera in love when she started photographing her first wedding in Sydney almost 20 years ago. And she continues to fall more and more in love with her passion every wedding she shoots. And we feel her passion too. Even more so when her final edits come through. We’re like little kids at a lolly shop – super excited to open them up and see her work (and be blown away by her talent).

Lindy has been featured in many high-profile, reputable magazines, online publications and blogs. We are in constant awe in her work and raving fans!!

So, let’s hear from Lindy as she tells us all about herself and Lindy Yewen Photography…

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company: My Dad was a budding photographer in his late 20’s but life got in the way and he never followed it through. I think there must have been something in his DNA as photography is just something that I have always loved. Even as a kid I carried a camera or polaroid camera around capturing grainy images of growing up in Noosa. At high school, I even shot for our school Yali magazine. I went on to study photography at Uni but it was never something that I actually planned to make a career out of until I helped a friend shoot a wedding in Sydney and then I was hooked!

Behind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography - Simply Style Co

  1. What do weddings mean to you? Weddings are EVERYTHING! I love spending the day with my beautiful couples, meeting their gorgeous families, capturing all the stunning details like the florals and decorating, champagne popping, laughter and smiles. What’s not to love about weddings?
  1. As a professional in the wedding field what are your 5 top tips to couples:

1: Let it go. Even the best-made plans sometimes go astray. Rather than trying to force something to be a certain way, just let it go and enjoy your day. Things will work out even better than you could have imagined.

2: Set time aside a moment just the two of you to be alone together. Everything happens so fast on the day of the wedding and sometimes you need to just stop, take a deep breath and enjoy a moment together to appreciate the monumental event that has just taken place. It’s also a great time for your photographer to capture some beautiful candid images of you both.

3: Trust your suppliers. Most of us have been in the industry for years and have worked together many times and built close working relationships. We all put so much into our work and our expertise will ensure your day is amazing.

4: Do it your way! It’s your day so do it the way you want. Want to elope with only your partner at the top of Mt Timbeerwah? Want to stand on the sand at the waters edge with 200 of your nearest and dearest? Want to wear red? Traditional, non-traditional. Whatever you want to do on your special day just do it your way and I will be there to capture it for you.

5: Make sure when budgeting to include the cost for a professional photographer. After the cake has been cut, the final dance danced and the decorations have been packed away, your wedding images will be the only thing that you will have to look back on. Those memories are priceless.

Behind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography - Simply Style CoBehind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography - Simply Style Co

  1. What are couple’s main questions and concerns when they approach you?
    So many of my couples come to me concerned about the fact that they hate having their photo taken. I prefer to capture weddings as naturally and candidly as possible. This allows me to capture the best of you without awkward poses. I promise most of the time you won’t even know I’m there.


  1. What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
    Definitely being flown to the USA to capture a wedding in Florida. I took my eldest daughter as my second shooter and we made a holiday out. We hiked in the Pacific North West, explored New York, travelled through Banff and Lake Lousie in Canada in the snow and had the best time capturing a wedding in the hustle and bustle of busy Orlando Florida.

Behind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography - Simply Style Co

  1. What would you love to see more of in the wedding industry?

I would love to see more outdoor wedding receptions. Beautiful big bridal bouquets full of pretty blooms. Stunning reception tablescapes with lots of textures. Non-traditional wedding dresses. Live music. Ceremonies held in exotic locations.

Behind The Scenes With Local Noosa Photographer, Lindy From Lindy Yewen Photography - Simply Style Co

  1. Five things you’re loving in life at the moment?

1: Slowing down – Covid 19 restrictions have made me appreciate slowing things down. We have been spending time with our three daughters sitting by the fire outside in our backyard, playing cards and board games. It’s something we usually only do when we go away camping.

2: Getting outdoors – We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place during these crazy times. Walks along the river with our dogs, getting out in the boat to go fishing and just enjoying the sunshine.

3: Simplifying things – This has been a great time to look over the way I work and live. We have planted a veggie patch and are harvesting our own honey from our beehive. My daughter is growing a starter to make our own bread and I have overhauled some of my working procedures.

4: Food – Once breakfast is over, I’m thinking about lunch and dinner. Pretty sure I will be rolling out of home once things go back to normal.

5: Dreaming – Dreaming and exploring new ideas/skills for capturing all of the amazing weddings to come that my beautiful couples have had to put on hold. These weddings are going to be so much more magnificent and appreciated when can gather with the people we love and celebrate together. I can’t wait to get back out there and start shooting again.


Check out Lindy’s work on her website here and inspiration on her instagram.


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