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Behind The Brand, Simply Style Co

We are peeling back the curtain so you can see what we do and why

We feel it is the right time to invite you all behind the brand, Simply Style Co. We are sharing what we do and why. This is especially important as all the choices made in the wedding industry are a huge consideration and investment and we want to empower you to enjoy the process. So keep reading if you would like to understand more on our brand and see if there is room in your heart to let us be a part of your world.

Our Brand, SSCo

When we delve deep into design, details and produce an epic party, this is what makes us get up in the morning and lose sleep at night. Throughout the wedding journey, many conversations will take place between suppliers and brides and when things just “hit it off” right from the start, you know you are in for a much more enjoyable and calm experience. And that’s exactly what we aim to do – empower you to enjoy the process! We understand life is busy and although it’s exciting to have so much inspiration and choice available, it can be overwhelming.  So we aim to empower and educate couples to plan a day true to them and their story. Plus there is nothing more satisfying than hearing couple’s stories and then together, create an extraordinary wedding experience that suits their style which resonates with them.

Weddings are our heart

Weddings to us, are a celebration of love between two people and expressing that love in a form that is true and authentic. No rules, no pressures, just love and joy. When an incredibly designed party with good food, good tunes and good company infuses together, love radiates leaving everyone high on life. We put our heart into everything we do and love watching it all unfold on the day. This is what pushes us forward and we grow with each wedding. Our clients have incredible visions and a huge amount of trust in our relationship and it makes us happy to see it all come together on the day.

You are heard. You are valued. You are bride. This is our mantra for all brides. When we follow this and tune into each bride, the wedding experience flows, and everything falls into place.

Behind The Brand, Simply Style Co - Simply Style CoBehind The Brand, Simply Style Co - Simply Style Co

Our top wedding hacks

  1. Stay true to yourselves. When you list your top 3 priorities this will become your shining light on all decisions through your wedding journey. With so much inspiration available it can be overwhelming and make you feel like you need everything. Knowing what you both really care about will help you decide what is necessary and what isn’t.
  2. Carve out time for each other. Once the wedding planning commences it can be easy to get lost in all the details, the money, the meetings and you can find yourself not working as a team in decisions. Always make some time for each other and reconnect in the things you love like dining at your favourite restaurant.
  3. Trust in the experts. Guaranteed they will know what works in the space and the style you are after. There are so many passionate, creative and motivated suppliers here on the Sunshine Coast, so let their experience guide you on your journey. It truly is an exciting time to be in the wedding industry as it’s becoming more and more creative and I’m so lucky I’m a part of it.

Our highlights so far

Honestly, every de-brief we have with our clients. Hearing how they felt the day went and their experience from their perspective is so humbling to hear. They genuinely have their best day and knowing we played a small part in that is such an honour.

The other highlight is investing and replenishing our hire and furniture pieces. Sourcing quality pieces for future brides is one of the most uplifting and satisfying parts in owning a business. After working years in the industry, it is finally nice to invest in complimentary pieces that will go with the existing range and really amplify our collection to the extraordinary levels we are known for.

Behind The Brand, Simply Style Co - Simply Style Co
Behind The Brand, Simply Style Co - Simply Style Co

The future..

The future for brides and suppliers is a bright one, however we feel more transparency and more education would really help couples understand what goes into a service and why it is a certain price point. One of the main questions couples ask when they book us is around cost. Breaking the process down into bite size pieces and explaining how beneficial our services are is how we work best to achieve confidence and manage expectations. We are also excited to find more untraditional venues becoming licensed so couples are less limited. Couples can then really design a whole day more in line with who they are.

3 things we are loving in life at the moment

  1. Local brand, Palm Noosa. Their range is every expanding and has some beautifully designed linen pieces which we are loving at the moment!
  2. Australian jewellery label William Édouard. We love his complete devotion to use only the highest quality materials and ethically-sourced gemstones.
  3. Noosa Chocolate Factories, Fresh Rocky Road – there is nothing quite like it.

Currently planning your own wedding or event? Get in touch with our team right here. We’d love to hear your big ideas and help bring them to life!

Images from Lindy Yewen Photography.

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