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Frequently Asked Questions - Simply Style Co
  • Where are you based & what service area do you cover?

    Our design studio and warehouse are based just outside of Noosa in in the sunny hinterland town of Cooroy. We service the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (and surrounds), Noosa Heads, Gympie, the Fraser Coast, Brisbane and beyond.

    That being said, if your venue is located outside of these areas please get in touch and we can discuss your options, our minimum spend and services charges.

  • What services do you provide?

    We offer a wide range of services related to wedding and event styling!

    Our service options include:
    ●      Full design and styling for weddings, private events, and corporate experiences
    ●      Delivery and collection of items from our Hire & Styling Collection direct to and from your event venue
    ●      DIY hire service for those willing to handle transportation and execution of an event setup
    ●      On the day coordination for weddings and events that include managing every aspect of executing a wedding or event (this is an add-on service for our full design and styling clients)

  • Do you offer a full planning and budget management service?

    No sorry, we don’t offer this as a part of our services. However, we do have a dedicated wedding and event planner on hand to assist with a full planning service for your wedding or event. We also offer on the day coordination in conjunction with our event design and styling packages.

  • Do you offer a DIY Hire service?

    Yes, we do! If you are a client or industry stylist who is happy to handle the transport and execution of an event setup yourself, you have the option of hiring items and equipment from our collection.

    It should be mentioned that not all of our hire pieces are available as part of our DIY Hire Service.

    We recommend that you contact us directly to enquire about specific pieces so we can let you know if it will be available for you to book for your event date.

    Do note that we have a minimum equipment spend of $150.00 for our DIY Hire Service.

    There is also a packing and prepping fee, and the amount for this will depend on the specifics of your order. Please note that you will have to collect the items and equipment directly from our Cooroy warehouse. Collection dates are determined upon your booking.

  • How do I hire an item?

    We make it easy for you to hire items from our Hire & Styling Collection!

    1. Browse our hire range and add décor items you wish to hire to your Wishlist.
    2. Let us know your event date and location when sending your Wishlist.
    3. Once you have completed your Wishlist, hit the send button, and we will endeavour to come back to you with item availability and an itemised quote within two (2) business days.
  • How long can we hire the items for?

    You can generally hire items for 24 or 48 hours unless otherwise stated in your booking.

    Any additional time will incur an extra charge.

    Please chat with our team if you require items for longer durations.

  • Can we view your hire range in person?

    We offer a styling consult at our design studio and warehouse in Cooroy as part of our design and styling services for weddings and events.

    However, for other services like DIY Hire and Delivery & Collection, we do not offer in person viewing appointments.

    Fortunately, our website is intentionally designed so that you can easily find images and details for all the items you might be after.

    To get the most out of your website experience, we recommend that you use the feature that our clients have consistently found useful - the Wishlist function.

    You can add any decor, furniture, or equipment to this list so that it’s saved for your next visit to our website. You can also send this Wishlist to us when enquiring about availability.

    You can also have a look at our Gallery, which showcases how our premium products look in a variety of event setups.

    This can not only serve as styling inspiration for your wedding or event, but it’s also a great way to see which different furniture, decor, and equipment can come together in the most cohesive and aesthetically appealing way.

  • Do you have a minimum spend?

    Yes, we do have minimum spends depending on the service you’ve opted for, the items you choose, where you are located, and the dates you’ve chosen.

    We have a minimum spend of $800 for full design and styling at venues within the Noosa area, whereas those outside of this service area will have a minimum spend of $1500.

    There is a lower minimum spend on off-peak season.

    For our Delivery and Collection service, there is a minimum equipment spend of $350 for venues in the Noosa and close surrounding area.

    For those outside of this area, you’ll be looking at a minimum spend of $500.

    Please note that we can only prepare items for drop off and pick up - you will be responsible to set up and pack down all items so they are ready for collection at the appointed time.

    If you are planning on opting for DIY hire, there is a minimum spend of $150.

    Please get in touch with us to learn more about minimum spends for your chosen service.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    The amount we charge is custom quoted for each of our clients.

    This will depend on a lot of different factors, so please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific event.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    Yes, we do require a deposit when you book with us.

    This deposit amounts to 30% of the total booking amount, which includes GST, delivery fees, and setup fees.

    Depending on the service that you opt for, you may also be required to pay a progress payment before making your final payment.

    Please note that final payment must be paid 21 days (3 weeks) prior to your event date.

  • What is your security bond for?

    We request our items to be kindly re-packed as they were delivered, and a security bond is required in the case of any unforeseen damage to our items, or if items become too unclean and require repairing or cleaning.

    The bond is also meant to cover any costs for replacing damaged or missing items.

  • Do you have any other admin fees?

    No, we don’t charge extra administration fees.

    We pride ourselves on being transparent with all our fees and charges.

    What you see is what you get!

  • How is delivery and collection organised?

    Your delivery and collection costs will vary depending on a variety of different factors, including distance travelled from our premises, amount of equipment hired, amount of setup required and installation time.

    All delivery and collection costs will be discussed and included in your proposal.

    Delivery and collection times are confirmed one week prior to your event date.

    We will try our best to deliver the day prior to your event, but please be aware that this is not always possible.

    Delivery and collection is quoted at ground level only, so there are extra charges if delivery is more complex.

    For example, you may be charged more if the delivery venue is more than a certain distance away from where we can park, or if there are stairs, steep descents, or multiple levels within buildings that our delivery staff have to traverse.

  • What happens if something is damaged at our event?

    We’re aware that our items will experience general wear and tear at weddings and events, and will not hold you responsible for this.

    However, any damages that go beyond regular wear and tear - which will require additional cleaning, repair, or replacement - will result in additional charges.

    Here are a few examples of damages that go beyond regular wear and tear, which will result in additional charges for you:

    • Wine, food, or extreme dirt stains on upholstery
    • Water damage on fabric due to being left out in the rain or dewy weather
    • Broken or chipped pieces of furniture or decor
    • Alcohol stains on wooden items where it has stripped the paint of varnish

    Further details are provided as part of our terms and conditions upon paying your deposit. If you’d like to view a copy of these terms and conditions, please get in touch with us.

  • What happens in inclement weather?

    We highly recommend having a backup indoor venue option in place for your event in case of inclement weather.

    All of our furniture pieces are not designed to be in wet/inclement weather.

    If any of our pieces are damaged, you will be charged to repair or replace them.

  • What are your cancellation policies?

    We accept cancellations in writing at any time but your non-refundable booking fee will not be returned to you.

    Early notice of a cancellation (at least 3 months prior to your booking date) will mean that any charges you’ve paid beyond the booking fee will be returned to you.

    If you cancel your booking up between 3 months to 1 month before your booking date, all additional charges as well as the booking fee will not be returned to you.

    That being said, in both cases, if you decide to postpone your booking and can find a suitable date that is within 12 months of your original booking date, all the funds you’ve already paid can be transferred as credit to this rescheduled date.

    However, please note that if you cancel your booking less than a month from your booking date, no postponement, rescheduling, or credit will be provided.

    In this case, if you opt to book with us again, it will be treated as a new booking and you will have to pay another booking fee.

    You can see more details about our cancellation policies in our terms and conditions. Please get in touch with us to view this.

  • What are your policies with regard to COVID?

    For the safety of our staff and our clients, we require you to sign our terms and conditions which requires that you agree to follow all government regulations with regard to COVID-19, including restrictions related to gatherings and social distancing.

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