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Arch Acrylic Place Card

$5.70$6.10 exc. GST

10cm x 5cm

Includes silk ribbon

Various acrylic colours, sizing & font colours available

Purchase price only

Ribbon colours:

  • Pure white
  • Cream
  • Champagne Pink
  • Clay
  • Nutmeg
  • Dusty Rose
  • Olive

Additional information

Acrylic Colours

Baby Pink, Beige, Black, Blue Sorbet, Blush, Clear, Coffee, Cream, Dusky Violet, Dusty Aqua, Frosted, Latte, Lemon Sorbet, Lilac Sorbet, Moss, Musky Pink, Ocean Teal, Peach, Pink Sorbet, Salmon, Vanilla Sorbet, White

Silk Ribbon

Champagne Pink, Clay, Cream, Dusty Rose, Nutmeg, Olive, Pure white

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