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7 Ways to Make Yours a Show-stopping Wedding

Let’s talk about how to have a show-stopping wedding with the inclusion of one or two extra special details.

Of course you’ll turn heads in your gorgeous bridal gown on your wedding day, and the groom will have everyone in tears as he gives his speech, telling everyone the tale of how you met and fell in love. The Maid of Honour will have the whole room laughing when she regales them with stories of your misspent youth, and your Dad will only have eyes for you as he waltzes you around the dance floor to your special song. Those moments will always live in your heart as the most special.

But when it comes to making your wedding positively show-stopping, there are a few extra special details you can include in your wedding day that will make all the difference to the overall experience for you and your guests. Read on to discover some of the best ways we’ve seen to make jaws drop at your Sunshine Coast wedding.

Showstopping wedding moments _ showstopping wedding details _ sparklers

Sparkler Exit

You could have your guests form two lines and make a tunnel for you, or… Make your reception exit a magical moment for everyone by having all your guests form an aisle with sparklers held high. The visual impact will be incredible in your photos, but more importantly, the joy a sparkler can bring is a universal truth we can all agree on, am I right?

Tayla and Matty made this happen for their wedding at The Old Dairy. I think this image by Angela Cannavo says it all. The moment was a sparkly spectacular.

The best part is, this is one show-stopping detail to add to your wedding that won’t add too much to the budget!

Wedding champagne tower _ show-stopping wedding details

Champagne Tower

It might just be your first challenge – or accomplishment, however you want to look at it – as a married couple! Pouring your very own champagne tower. It’s a centuries-old tradition that adds an element of grandeur to your wedding reception, a sense of celebration, and most likely a whole lot of laughs!

Image by Angela Cannavo.

personalised wedding neon signage _ show-stopping wedding details

Personalised Neon Sign

Your very own personalised neon signage is a super cool element to include in your wedding styling, and it also creates a very Instagrammable backdrop for you and your guests to get your selfies on throughout your Sunshine Coast wedding reception.

We styled The Cottees’ neon sign against one of our geometric backdrops, and the florist added some fresh florals to complete the look.

Image by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer.



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Wedding Fireworks

You met, there was a spark that turned into fireworks, that turned into true love. It’s only fitting you now mark the occasion of your [show-stopping] wedding with actual fireworks like these ones by Mr. Fireworks International. Nothing will wow your guests like a fireworks display at your Sunshine Coast wedding.

Image by XOX Weddings


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Magician Entertainer

One of the great things to come out of the Covid wedding restrictions of 2020 was all the extra incredible entertainment ideas couples came up with for their weddings. Without the option of dancing, other forms of entertainment were being sought out. One of the best we came across was Andino the Magician. We’re still left scratching our heads, wondering how he does it! Guests young and old will be enthralled by his tricks.

Modern Romance wedding styled shoot _ barn wedding Noosa Hinterland private property

Hanging Floral Installation

Dining underneath a jaw-dropping floral installation simply cannot be beat. When your guests walk into your reception, you’ll struggle to find anyone who won’t exclaim, “Wow!” at the sight. We’re extremely fortunate to style alongside some of the most outstanding Sunshine Coast florists, like Willow Bud, who created this stunning hanging installation for a shoot we did in 2020. If there’s one show-stopping wedding day detail you need, it’s definitely an abundance of flowers.

Image by Shae Estella.

7 Ways to Make Yours a Show-stopping Wedding - Simply Style Co

Many Cakes

Why have one cake when you can have three? This will certainly stop any argument over flavours and fillings, aside from helping you have a truly show-stopping wedding.

Guests love to know there’s an abundance of eats and sweet treats on offer at a wedding, as it’s such a long event where, as a guest, you’re completely at the mercy of your hosts. When they walk in and see your impressive centrepiece of multiple cakes, they’ll know they won’t be hitting the drive thru on the way home!

These lovely cakes were by Sweet P Cakes & Cookies for a photo shoot we styled.

Image by Mallory Sparkles Photography.

Want to Make Yours a Show-stopping Wedding?

Get in contact with our team, and we can come up with a solid plan to help you have your wedding guests in awe on your Sunshine Coast wedding day.

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