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How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue

Can’t seem to find the exact right wedding venue for your dream Sunshine Coast wedding day? Afraid it doesn’t even exist? You might be right… so why not just create your own bespoke wedding venue?

Marquees, Tents and Tipis give you ultimate control over your reception space from style and theme to location to layout, and even the size of your reception space. Let’s take a deeper look at the options and how you can make them work for your wedding.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co

Clear Marquee

There’s nothing more whimsical than looking up at a starry sky as you clink champagne glasses to your new marriage. A clear marquee is the obvious choice for an elegant, modern wedding with a formal feel. Open aired, or fully enclosed in cooler months, we love the clear marquees from Fairytale Events, especially when adorned with fairy lights to add a little touch of magic.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co

Sperry Tent

For the height of romance in the wedding venue structure realm, you can’t go past Sperry Tents Sunshine Coast. Its signature peaks and sweeping ivory canopies make for sense of grandeur. The space can be dressed to suit any kind of wedding from simple and pretty to formal to a beautiful boho affair.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co


To really make an impact with your wedding structure, a giant Nordic tipi is the way to go. Tipi Luxe will construct a weatherproof alternative to a traditional marquee that creates an unforgettable first impression. You can choose the size of your tipi by opting for just one, or combining two or three that cater for up to 210 guests.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co


The most brilliant part of choosing to go for a bespoke wedding venue structure is that you get to choose exactly where everything goes. You’re not constrained to any one kind of layout. If you want a giant dance floor to take up half the space, you got it. Want a sprawling chill area with comfy couches and low-laying tables where people can relax and unwind throughout the night? Easy!

You get to choose how many tables you’ll have and exactly where they’re positioned. You’ll get to say where the bar and band goes, where the cake table will be displayed, whether there will be a dessert bar or gift table. You can even allocate an area just for children’s entertainment. It’s all completely up to you!

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co

If all this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry one bit – that’s where we come in. We will work with your structure supplier to help design the ideal space for the kind of celebration you have in mind. We will also decorate it to perfection, working with your florist to create show-stopping floral arrangements to dress the space.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co


We will style your marquee in any location you choose, be it a venue or private property. If you’re still looking for the perfect place, here are a few of our faves.

In Maleny, The Old Dairy has an indoor dining space, however if you’d like to spend more time in the stunning outdoor surrounds, taking in that magnificent view, erecting a structure is the way to go. You could have any kind of marquee, tipi or tent at The Old Dairy, however we love styling a Sperry Tent at this venue for a modern romantic feel.

Spicers Clovelly Estate has a decent sized lawn space close to the main building and Library Deck, where a clear marquee works particularly well. The style is perfect for the French provincial style and pretty gardens. This venue is an adults only retreat with a luxury, high end feel.

For the ultimate relaxed, coastal vibes, we love heading to Noosa North Shore to the Beach Road Holiday Homes site where they have a huge, sprawling oval absolutely ideal for a wedding reception of any size. All your guests can stay on site and there’s a pool close by with barbecues perfect for a recovery brunch. You could have any kind of structure in this space, but we feel it lends itself to a boho feel with a tipi or three.

How to Create Your Own Bespoke Wedding Venue - Simply Style Co

In the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Maleny Retreat is a blank canvas space where you can design any kind of wedding you’d like to have. It’s secluded without neighbours for miles, and the most epic view of the rolling hills of the hinterland and majestic Glass House Mountains. If it’s a Westival feel you’re looking for, this is the place to do it.

Luxe Loos

One thing you’ll need to consider when creating your own wedding space is the loo situation. Portable toilets don’t usually scream luxury wedding… but we have a couple of great suggestions to make sure the luxe feels extends to every part of your wedding! Portable Powder Rooms have spacious trailer-style powder rooms complete with porcelain toilets and large, elegant vanities. Classy Loos are similarly lush to flush, but with a more rustic outer style, they’re eco-friendly and have separate male/female sides.

Ready to Start Planning Your Bespoke Wedding?

Get in touch with our team today. We’d love to help you design your dream Sunshine Coast wedding from scratch in your marquee, tent or tipi.

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