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Real Wedding: Rachel & Tom | Yandina Station

When Rachel and Tom envisioned their wedding day, there was one thing they knew for sure!

They knew they wanted a venue that not only embodied beauty but also carried a rich history that reflected Rachel’s Grandparents farm in Northern NSW, a place close to both of their hearts, after all this is the place where Tom drop to his knee asking Rachel to spend the rest of her life with him!

Yandina Station, with its stunning landscapes and storied past, was the perfect choice to bring their dream wedding to life. Rachel says, ‘The moment we got out of the car we just knew’!

Real Wedding: Rachel & Tom | Yandina Station - Simply Style Co

Curating the perfect team was another high priority. Ensuring that their vendors matched the vibe of the day was crucial for Rachel and Tom, especially for those who would spend a significant amount of time with them.

“We wanted to make sure that our vendors really fit the vibe of our day, especially the people who would be spending a lot of time with us, and I can honestly say I think we nailed it,” Rachel shared.

From their legendary musician Steve Carlyle to their Photographer Shae Estelle, Videographer Attomic Butterfly Photography and Stylist Simply Style Co that ‘totally got our brief’ says Rachel. Every vendor felt like a friend there to share in the special day.

Rachel had always admired the classic beauty of black and white weddings. This timeless colour scheme was artfully incorporated into their celebration, adding a touch of sophistication to the rustic surroundings of Yandina Station.

The crisp, clean lines of black and white furniture and decor elements contrasted beautifully with the natural textures of the venue.

From the beautifully arranged tables using our Hamptons blue linen napkins and modern black taper candle holders, every detail was meticulously planned. The thoughtful design choices not only reflected Rachel and Tom’s personal style but also enhanced the overall atmosphere.

The floral arrangements by Willow Bud played a significant role in elevating the wedding’s aesthetic. Using a palette of white tones with delicate burst of pale blue, the florals added an elegance to the setting. One of the standout features was the hanging floral installation in the reception barn, which served as a real wow factor framing the Bridal table.

On the morning of the wedding, Rachel felt an unexpected sense of calm. Getting ready with her Mum and three Bridesmaids by her side while Lauren Montgomery Makeup and Niki Taylor Hair worked their magic.

Instead of succumbing to nerves, Rachel spent her final moments before walking down the aisle doing something memorable – putting in her footy tips with her dad! While feeling excited and wanting to swiftly get down the aisle to marry her best friend, she could hear her Dad’s whisper “slow down”.

Reflecting on their magical day, Rachel and Tom have some heartfelt advice for future couples: don’t sweat the small stuff. Weddings can be overwhelming, but the only thing that truly matters is marrying your best friend, surrounded by the people you love most in the world. Focus on what’s important and let go of the rest.

And a practical tip – pack a pair of comfortable shoes for dancing! Rachel and Tom chose RM Williams boots, ensuring they could dance the night away.

We love when our clients trust us to bring their dreams to life. When Rachel wrote “Just a big thank you for helping us create the wedding of our dreams”, we couldn’t be happier!

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