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Why You NEED a Wedding Coodinator for Your Private Property Wedding

Sunshine Coast Wedding Coordinator _ Wild Heart Weddings
Lately we’ve been working on so many weddings at incredible Private Properties, and something that has stood out to us is how much more smoothly the day runs when an On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator has been appointed. The couple is more relaxed, there are less hiccups, and family and friends are free to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about those little odd jobs that need doing. 
Our recommended vendor for both Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator (yes, they are different roles entirely!) is Jacqueline from Wild Heart Weddings. Most people aren’t exactly sure what a Wedding Coordinator does, so we thought the best thing would be to ask Jacqueline herself to provide an insight into what she does, and why it’s so valuable – especially for a wedding on a Private Property. 
Here’s Jacquenline…

Jacqueline, what is the role of an on-the-day Wedding Coordinator?

As a Wedding Coordinator we focus on ensuring the day runs smooth and stress free, so the couple, their parents and guests can really enjoy the day without any worries. We will usually be onsite for the entirety of the wedding. Generally we don’t leave until the last guest leaves. In that time, we do anything and everything that is required of us.
We’re there to do anything and everything that is asked of us. We direct suppliers when they arrive, we help the stylist and florist set up. We light the candles, press play on the iPhone for the ceremony/reception, repurpose the arbour flowers in the reception area, help guests find their seats, cut wedding cakes or set up dessert stations. This is only a small handful of the unwritten tasks we can do on the day.
We love what we do, we love mingling with your guests, making sure you and the bridal party are having fun, make sure your grandparents are comfortable and ensure your parents are happy.

Why you need a Wedding Coordinator

How does this differ from a Wedding Planner role?

The Wedding Planning side of things focuses on everything leading up to the day. From the moment the couple book, we worth with them, their budget and style, to find local suppliers, who will suit them best.

How do you make sure the run sheet times are adhered to?

Communication, communication, communication!
Weddings are generally planned over time – whether it be a few months, or closer to a few years. We always keep track of what’s going on, right from day one. Our packages offer unlimited contact with us throughout the planning process. Prior to the wedding day, we contact all suppliers and gather their timings and requirements for the day, put them into our Event Order to ensure everything will run smoothly.
Bride has arrived but left the rings at the accommodation? We’ve already told the celebrant to keep the guests comfortable for 5 more minutes. Bride needs to go to the loo, so the musician needs to play another song before the first dance? We’ve already told him. We’re in constant communication with all suppliers on the day whenever needed.
Why You NEED a Wedding Coodinator for Your Private Property Wedding - Simply Style Co
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In what ways can you take the pressure off the couple and their family?

Literally anyway possible. We start from making them feel comfortable with us, and our team – generally prior to the wedding day. We meet with them 1-2 times throughout the planning process, and ensure they are always kept in the loop with communication.
On the day, we literally aim to exceed all their expectations, answer all of their questions and be the go to person for anything and everything. We are always one step ahead.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of having a Wedding Coordinator look after the running of their wedding day?

Besides getting to have a stress-free wedding, you get to have someone to help from the day of booking, to answer any and all of your questions. When someone has a question like “How do we make that happen?”,  or “Who is going to move that?” the answer is us.
Why You NEED a Wedding Coodinator for Your Private Property Wedding - Simply Style Co
Why You NEED a Wedding Coodinator for Your Private Property Wedding - Simply Style Co

Why is a Wedding Coordinator particularly useful for a private property or marquee wedding?

Private Property weddings are our jam! We love them! They often require more detailed scheduling or set up on the day and logistical organisation. For example, we need to make sure the Sperry Tent or marquee is set up before the stylist or lighting company arrives, or the cold room to be set up before the Catering team arrive. We work very closely with the suppliers to ensure they all smoothly fit into place for the set up.

What are the costs associated with having an on-the-day Wedding Coordinator?

No hidden costs here! Our packages are available on our website and our Basics Package starts at $1,900.
Why you need a Wedding Coordinator
I know by now you’re wondering how you’ll possibly cope on your wedding day without Jacqueline’s help! Get in touch with her to find out how you can hire her as your Wedding Planner or On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator over at Wild Heart Weddings.


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